12th January 2012

Still living in Rome the lethal, 8 year old explosives expert from Bronx Warriors 2 tells us about the silence of Trash, the joys of being paid to blow people up in school holidays, and what he's up to now.



""Watch out for the wire! KABOOM!"



1. How did you get the part of Strike Jr. in Escape From The Bronx?

Enzo Knew me because of my father! And Enzo wrote a part for me!


2. What was it like working with your father (Giancarlo Prete/ Timothy Brent) on the movie? Did he ever have to tell you to brush your teeth while his character was telling you how to blow people up?

No! It was really a game! We had a great time ! It was really fun! If I think about it now of course its something special but at that time it was only a big game. A very big game! 


3. What’s your favourite memory of shooting the movie?

 All the crew! My father! Enzo! We all had a lot of fun! For me it was special because I didn’t have to go to school and I was paid to have fun! Fantastic! And all those bombs, fire, shooting, blood! It was like if I was inside an arcade game!


4. The scene  where you shoot that Disinfestor and then your father nods approvingly is a very funny scene. Was that Enzo’s idea or your father’s?

Enzo’s! But also he  was surprised when I did it that way! All the crew were  laughing.


5. Did it ever feel too scary, being around all those explosions and guns at 8 years old, or was it just fun?

As I told you before, it was like staying in an arcade game.


6. What was Mark Gregory like to work with and can you tell us what you know about him?

He was very silent! Never talking! He only told me once that I was very lucky to have 2 parents like mine.


7. The plans for a part 3 of Bronx Warriors. Enzo mentioned that he had a script with you in mind for the lead role, still playing Strike Jr. What can you tell us about this?

 I don't think it's a project that we will be able to do, but never say never...


8. Are you still in contact with Enzo and his son Andrea or anyone else from the movie?

Yes! I love Enzo almost as a father!


9. Did anybody making the Bronx Warriors movies realise  just how popular they would become on VHS (and later DVD)?

Maybe only Enzo!! He is a genius


10. If they remade (or “rebooted”) the Bronx Warriors movies like they’ve done with Star Trek, James Bond and Friday the 13th (amongst others) would you be up for the role of Trash?

I hope so!!


11. Were there any scenes shot with you in them that didn’t make it into the final cut of the movie?

I don't remember any.


12. What are you doing these days?

 Working a lot! I wrote a play and I will direct it in the later half of February. It's about Edgar Allan Poe


13. Finally, in two words, describe how it felt being in Escape From The Bronx.

 Fantastic! Amazing!!!!