"You fuck! Look it could be a pile of shit out of somebody's asshole!"
Trash to Ice


"Now listen to me you bastard!
We didn't invest a million dollars in you to give you the privilege of wearing a uniform."

Ted Fisher a little miffed at Hammer's lack of success in retrieving Anne


"This is our territory you gotta fight to live!"
Anonymous Rider (while waving hands in the air and shouting)


"Let's have some fun!"
Paul to Trash, just before getting his arse whupped by
a tap dancing Iron Man (wearing make up and tights)


"You hear that Witch, Trash tells lies!"
Ogre to Witch after Trash is framed for the murder of a Tiger


"That's true Golen, but they are there and you are here. In. Front. Of. Me!"
Ogre to Golan after being surrounded by Zombies


ICE: "Your mother never gave birth to you did she. Just popped you into the
sewer and split, letting you blossom into the asshole you are today."

HOTDOG: "Keep talking fag face and I'll rip your fucking head off!"
Jovial banter after Hotdog kicks Ice in the face.


"Remember...(cough! splutter!)...we in the Bronx (moan! wince!) with...(cough! gasp!)...death!"
Anne's final words


"Hammer is God. HAMMER! Hamm-AAARRGH!!!"
Hammer's final words


"Lousy cockroaches think they own the whole fucking borough. Look at 'em! Enough to make you vomit!"
A police helicopter pilot, clearly overjoyed to be flying over the Bronx


"Make a move and you're dead. Try to leave us and you're dead. Just stay where you are and you're dead!"
Speedy to Hammer, not realising what the Special Delivery is



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