The year is 1990 and the Bronx is now a lawless zone where even the police do not enter and a fragile semblance of order is maintained by the street gangs that live in the borough.

Gangs are myriad but most prominent are The Tigers who rule the Bronx, led by the harsh but fair Ogre, self-proclaimed 'King of the Bronx'.

Others include The Scavengers, a survivalist group; The Zombies, a gang of roller skaters; The Iron Men who tap dance and The Riders led by Trash.

Anne is the 17 year old daughter of the Chief Executive of The Manhattan Corporation and unable to overcome her troubled conscience over the company's policies she runs away into the Bronx.

Attacked by a group of Zombies on sight she is saved by several of the Riders and taken in by Trash.

Getting Anne back is delicate for the Manhattan Corporation so they hire the only man insane and ruthless enough to do the job, Hammer an ex-cop turned mercenary who plots to turn the gangs against each other and the Bronx into a war zone to get Anne out again.

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