The choicest snippets of dialogue from the second instalment


"Welcome bastards!"

Trash's dad as he swings a baseball bat into the face of a heavily armed Disinfestor


"There's a group over there, they've decided to leave"

"Well we'll have to de-flea them and book them in at the transfer depot".

"What do I do burn them?"


2 Disinfestors, not realising who they're about to pick on


"Whether Trash shows up or not, the parents are to be eliminated, I repeat. The parents are to be eliminated!"

The Bronx cleansing gets into full swing


"Control to all Disinfestation units. That fucker's KO'd Sky Boy Three!"

Radio message after Trash shoots down a helicopter


"Control to all Disinfestation units. A gang led by Trash has ambushed one of our squads and destroyed it"

The rebellion gets into full swing


"Who does this bastard think he is defying us? Terror is our strength and he isn't even afraid of us!"

Wangler in response to the above radio message


"All I can say is I'm very, very happy to see you"

President Clarke's final words to Wangler


"Nobody will sit on a john, full of dynamite"

Dablone contemplates the meaning of life


"Hey I don't mind you eating it but you gotta eat it whole"

A gang member, after Birdy threatens to "slice it like like a salami"


"Say it Trash, still alive huh? Listen honey I am still waiting"

Iron Man boss to Trash and the only link to the events from part one
(she spared his life).


"In 1986 despite all our technical know how we did not succeed in getting rid of the rats. Now these people if you can call them that are a race apart. They're what remains of the gangs that battled for the Bronx"

Wangler to President Clarke about the resilience of the Bronx gangs


"Don't congratulate me yet. These bastards are a race apart. Goddamn hard to kill".

Wangler to a Disinfestor over the pursuit of Trash and Strike.


"You try that again and you'll look like a tea strainer"

Strike warns Clarke not to run away


"Alright hero?"

"Alright. Big Little Man"

Trash to errr...Big Little Man after knocking down 3 Disinfestors armed with only a crash helmet


"Don't try it again on a pro"

"Ugh! Sure had me fooled"

Strike to Trash after pinning him in an arm lock


"We're right under Leguordia Square"

"Judging by the stink I'd say we were under the public toilets"

Moon and Jay as they navigate the smellier parts of the Bronx


"There are more ways to die down here than there are in a Bruce Lee film"

Strike to Trash and Moon


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