Trash's Father (Romano Puppo)

Understandably narked at being ordered out of his rightful
home Trash Senior is a brave man but also a stupid one as he
challenges 3 guys wielding flamethrowers to a fight, holding
only a baseball bat.


Trash's Mother (Eva Czemerys)

Simply there as a calming influence on her more aggressive
husband's territorial instincts. Love her cardigan.


Moon Gray (Valeria D'Obici)

Crusading reporter Moon takes the unfortunate Jay into
the Bronx to expose the truth behind the Disinfestation
programme. Gobs off once too often in front of President Clark.


Jay (Andrea Coppola)

Willing to go along with Moon's half-baked schemes he snaps
away happily at the carnage until......well you'll need to own
the Widescreen version to see properly.


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