Golem (George Eastman)


Towering Samurai-esque leader of skating troublemakers The Zombies. Part of the plot to kidnap Anne but can’t quite kick the mighty Ogre’s arse.





Zombie With Helmet That's Too Big


Our first sight of what inhabits “No Man’s Land”.




Zombie That Needs A Shave


Seedy-looking bloke who makes the mistake of picking on Anne.





Cowardly Zombies


Girly enough to run away, then daft enough to simply sit still as Paul rides a motorbike with Ben Hur axle blades towards them. Deserved everything they got.






The Ogre (Fred Williamson)


The mighty beefcake King of the Bronx who gets respect or else and doesn't like people who tell lies.

Stays cool even while being doused in flames.





Witch (Betty Dessy)


Right-hand dominatrix to Ogre and all round sadist. Fights with a whip (”just like you taught me”) and has metal claws on her fingers. Clearly fancies Trash something rotten.




Leech (Angelo Ragusa)


Blood freak and chauffeur to The Ogre.






Iron Men Leader (Carla Brait)


Another bird who blatantly fancies Trash as she flirtingly spares him, Paul and Hawk when they blunder through her turf.




Various Iron Men


Camp, tap dancing pack of woolly woofters who easily floor two of The Riders’ finest.







Rejects from "The Beastmaster", these guys screech and fight with bits of wood. Rubbish.



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