Trash (Mark Gregory)

The man himself.

Still pouting and looking melancholic but
now sporting a gun instead of the fight stick
and apparently carrying limitless ammunition
including high explosive hollow tips.


Big Little Man (Massimo Vanni)

Lieutenant to the excitable Dablone, BLM takes offence at Trash not
respecting security protocols and and thoughtfully tosses him a 6
shooter that fires 8 shots during the chaotic finale.


Dablone (Antonio Sabato)

Apparent leader of the Resistance and prone to shouting with his mouth full.
Comes up with the immortal phrase "No one will sit on a john full of dynamite!"


Iron Man Leader (Carla Brait)

The only returning character from part one bar Trash she flashes
him her cheeky smile and reminds the boy that he still owes her.


A Zombie

Returning to face more punishment, the roller skating nasties
from Part One are back. Still running away from fights too.


Strike (Timothy Brent)

Mercenary high-explosives and tunnelling expert (& borderline psycho).
Strike brings his 8 year old son on missions and swings a mean rifle butt.


Strike Junior (Alessandro Prete)

The apple of his father's eye, Little Strike is a dab hand with dynamite
and a crack shot to boot.


Birdy (Moana Pozzi)

First seen threatening to cut a guy's dick off Birdy is obviously
a bit thick ("I did right didn't I?")  but is loyal to Dablone and
wears kinky gear.


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