Anne (Stefania Girolami)

Morally troubled, big-haired heiress to the Manhattan Corporation, 17 year old Anne runs away into the No Man's Land of the Bronx and gets attacked by the safety-conscious Zombies. Saved by Trash, Ice, Blade and Paul in a display of magnificently awful stick fighting, she shacks up with Trash and succeeds in getting his entire gang in trouble.




Ice “The General” (John Sinclair)            


Bespectacled lieutenant to Trash, Ice is the brains of the Riders and is apparently related to Rosa Klebb. Aspirations of replacing Trash and gaining "a nice slice of the Bronx". Love the way he removes his glasses before a fight.


Trash (Mark Gregory)

17 year old Trash struts like his jeans have garrotted his rectum, wears an elbow pad with a nasty protruding spike and fights with the same moves every time (parry, counter, twirl). Undisputed top boy of the Riders, Trash takes the hairspray-abusing Anne under his wing after she runs away from her rich daddy.


Blade (Massimo Vanni)

Best pal of Trash and loyal to the core. Apparently has teleportation abilities.


Paul (Rocco Lero)

Mean to the core, Paul regards fights to the death as “having some fun” and gleefully shows off the Bond-esque additions on his bike in the opening sequence.


Hawk (Gianni Bonadonna)

Remarkably agile for someone who quite clearly dodges salads, Hawk accompanies Trash on his quest to seek The Ogre.




Girlfriend of Speedy and victim of a brutal killing by Hammer.



Stupid enough to challenge a man holding a long tube that probably contains a gun, to a knife fight.


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