Several years after the first instalment and the Bronx is still a festering hole of lawlessness and crime.

Eager to clear the area of its hovels and slums and rebuild from scratch the GC Corporation has decided to tear it down.
However first they have to "relocate" the thousands of people living there and while the bums, vagrants and elderly are easy
prey, the murdering warrior gangs do not go easily.

Promises by the GC Corporation to rehouse Bronx residents in New Mexico are lies as they are burning and gassing them,
to make way for the "city of the future".

The rival Bronx gangs have formed an uneasy alliance against the cleansing operation (orchestrated by expelled prison
warder Floyd Wangler and several squads of Disinfestors
) and have holed up underground.

Trash meanwhile refuses to lie low and is staying out in the open. When Disinfestors murder his parents, Trash sets out on a
vendetta, knocking out the Disinfestation squads and teaming up with crusading reporter Moon Gray to expose the truth
behind the lies of the GC Corporation.

They hatch a plan to kidnap the Corporation president and force him to hand the Bronx back to the gangs.


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