Ted Fisher (Thomas Moore/ Enio Girolami)


Frail-looking, Grand Moff Tarkin of the Manhattan Corporation who may or may not be Anne’s father and hires a known psycho to get her back.





Stressed Suit (Enzo G Castellari)


The director’s cameo. 



Hammer (Vic Morrow)


Ex-cop, mercenary fruitcake who sets the gangs against each other in a convoluted plot to get Anne back and goes all leather fetishist in the final reel. 




Hotdog (Christopher Connelly)


Bad-tempered, money grubbing, lorry driver with a false leg who makes the mistake of annoying Ice. 




National Guardsmen


Nasty little creeps on horses who blaze away with flamethrowers in the grand finale in a slightly naive attempt to wipe out 2 Bronx gangs in one go.



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