President Clark (Enio Girolami)

Head of the GC Corporation and "King Shit". Is this the same man
from part one? According to Enzo Castellari no BUT if you own the
English version he hasanother voice (actually Hammer's, so maybe
there was a reincarnation sub-plot we were unaware of).


Vice President (Paolo Malco)

Slimy, grasping tit who sees windows of opportunity
at every turn. Drives a lovely red sports car with a
flimsy fuel tank.


Floyd Wangler (Henry Silva)

Evil, sadistic nasty who likes his coffee sugar-free. Heads
up the Disinfestation operation and smiles as he shoots.


Disinfestors in Motorbike Helmets with Machine Guns

Silver-suited sadists who apparently have self-repairing uniforms
(the fabric seems impervious to gunfire anyway) and use rather extreme
counter measures to combat Trash's rebellion (rigging civilians with bombs).


Disinfestors in Astronaut Suits with Flamethrowers

Even nastier than their machine-gun wielding brethren these guys blaze
away at all and sundry with napalm until Trash rains on their parade.
Their backpacks are prone to exploding which looks cool.


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