* Mark Gregory lost a lot of muscle mass between the first film and this sequel. According to Enzo Castellari, this is why he keeps his jacket on for most of the movie.


* The full death toll in Escape From The Bronx is 174. There are 110 killed in shootings, 40 in explosions,
9 by flamethrowers, 1 by stabbing, 1 off-screen kill, 4 unknowns, 6 electrocutions, 2 bashed in the face with a helmet and 1 face turned to red mush after being hit with a shotgun butt.


* Widescreen DVD versions of the film, released in 2004, reveal crew members in certain shots. Most notably when Trash's mother is about to be flamed and when Trash breaks the Disinfestor's arm near the movie's climax.


* Massimo Vanni who played Blade in part one reappears as Big Little Man here. Also Enio Girolami plays President Clark (and was the virtually identical Ted Fisher in Bronx Warriors) and Enzo Castellari cameos as a radio operator after playing the Vice Prez of the Manhattan Corporation in the prequel.


* Carla Brait, the Iron Man Leader, reappears in a cameo here. Along with Mark Gregory she is the only bona fide returning character from part one although we see numerous Zombies and a few guys who could be the remains of the Ogre's gang The Tigers.


* On the wall of Trash's parents' apartment is a poster of Mark Gregory from the first movie.


* The young lad playing Strike Jr is Giancarlo Prete/ Timothy Brent's real life son Alessandro.


* Trash owns a six shooter he never appears to reload, despite killing dozens of people. However it is established early on that he is dealing in stolen ammunition....so there.


* In 1986 British publication Video: The Magazine printed an article stating that due to the success of Full Metal Jacket being shot in London, Bronx Warriors 3 was about to begin filming in the capital. This was merely a rumour and has since been dismissed by Enzo Castellari.


* The Disinfestor's logo seen on uniforms, the helicopters and the vans is DAS, which stands for Disinfestation Annihilation Squad.


* The American Media Entertainment NTSC video version is HEAVILY edited and missing some segments that completely change the plot of the film. In this version Vice President survives by simply driving out of the Bronx (suggesting that the battle is far from over). Dablone, Birdy and Big Little Man don't die and the scene where Trash takes on 3 Disinfestors armed only with a crash helmet is gone.


* Selected for monumental mickey taking on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, the abridged 'Escape 2000' version of the movie was ridiculed to hell and back. This can be seen HERE


* This website is featured on the Blu-ray of ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX that was released in 2015. A 13 minute featurette entitled "The Hunt For Trah- Interview With Bronx Warriors Superfan Lance Manley", it covers the creation of this site plus attempts to locate Mark Gregory.


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